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Monday, July 09, 2007

Al Gore - is Global Warming

Help lower global warming. Keep Al Gore from talking soooo much!
The jets, the limo's, the energy burned at the live concerts was more than
a small city uses.

Now in reality Our (human-kinds) affect on Global warming is negligible,
however I always believe in responsible living. Reduce, Reuse and recycle,
and of course those are always balanced by pragmatic values like cost.

Any peer-reviewed scientist worth their weight in dirt, knows that we are
a negligible affect on the 'global warming' which has been going up and down
for all of known history. And Al Gore and the MSM always seem to neglect to
mention the _FACTS_ from both sides, they limit to the few places were the
ice is shrinking, but neglect to explain that the ice is expanding in other

So it sounds like most of the Hot Air is coming from Al Gore and the MSM.



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