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I have a bacheolors degrees in biology (genetics research and cell biology) and philosphy (ethics) and a minor in Chemistry. Specifically in genetics and biomedical ethics. I used to teach kids robotics and cell biology (on the side), while I did computing for Cray Researc/SGI/Cray Inc by day.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Al Gore - is Global Warming

Help lower global warming. Keep Al Gore from talking soooo much!
The jets, the limo's, the energy burned at the live concerts was more than
a small city uses.

Now in reality Our (human-kinds) affect on Global warming is negligible,
however I always believe in responsible living. Reduce, Reuse and recycle,
and of course those are always balanced by pragmatic values like cost.

Any peer-reviewed scientist worth their weight in dirt, knows that we are
a negligible affect on the 'global warming' which has been going up and down
for all of known history. And Al Gore and the MSM always seem to neglect to
mention the _FACTS_ from both sides, they limit to the few places were the
ice is shrinking, but neglect to explain that the ice is expanding in other

So it sounds like most of the Hot Air is coming from Al Gore and the MSM.


Monday, October 18, 2004

Why vote for Bush

Bush is doing all he can to win the war on terror, as is seen in Iraq, Afghanistan, Philippines, etc. We are winning, despite what the Main Stream Media displays. There should be cheering on how the elections in Afghanistan have now occurred and with such a good turnout.

I feel equally important is that appointing of federal judges. President Bush wants Judges that stand up for the constitution, Kerry wants judges that match his parties beliefs (even though he claims he does not believe in these beliefs of abortion and gay marriage).

President Bush has strong and clear moral values. He not only is clear with where he stands, he also takes a stand for protecting unborn children (not to use abortion as a means of birth control or a means of creating more medical research). No one is against a abortion when it is a choice between the life of the child versus the mother, that is a families with doctors choice.

President Bush wants to retain marriage as meaning a commitment between one man and one woman. It is not saying that others cannot practice their desires, but the rest of the world should not be forced to recognize it as normal or healthy for society.

For economics they are both weak. However, Kerry's plan would be far worse.. higher taxes for many people. The people above $200K already pay a larger percentage of the taxes. If anyone does not pay taxes it is people like Kerry & his wife, that have funds in tax shelters, the filthy rich.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Stem Cell research vs embroynic stem cell research

Stem Cell research is not banned in the US. In fact this is the first president that funded Stem Cell research. Adult stem cell research is active and even shows some promise.

Embroynic stem cell research is being done, and is also not banned. But it not funded by the federal goverment. Private industry is free to fund it, but currently it does not hold as much promise. Perhaps partially due to the number of ethical concerns involved. There is some research that indicates some progress in congenital heart defects with embryonic stem cells, but the question is could it be done with adult stem cells.

Even stem cells from adipose tissue (Fat) can be used, which we know we have a ample supply.. sigh... :). Umbilical cords are another good source for very early stem cells.

Here is a nice list of current treatments available, adult stem cells versus embryonic stem cell

However, that said.. I understand there are conviences and potential for embryonic cells. And in fact.. at least some money has gone from NIH in the form of grants to distribute existing embryonic stem cell lines. The WARF got $1.7 million. I see 22 to 29 lines of embryonic stem cells currently registered at NIH. Out of the original what looks like 7 cell lines. I saw 22 to 29 since some are not shipping, some withdrawn and others failed to expand into undifferentiated cell cultures. These lines can be reproduced and modified, so new lines based on these can be created.

Other options maybe in the future saving umbilical cord tissue and use that for the individual, potentially inserting a missing gene or repairing an current gene for areas of enzyme deficiancies.